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by Peter D on January 25, 2014

With the new year, it seems the shop is entering a new phase of maturity.  With no less than 8 folks utilizing the shop to grow their own furniture design/make companies, numerous general public members and a constant influx of students, there are new projects sprouting daily.  Here’s a look at just a few of the projects presently in progress at the shop:


In addition to the great projects our members are creating, we also have an exciting new class offering.  Essentially it is a 6-week (3 hours a week) course which combines Intro to Woodworking and Intro to Furniture Making.  You choose any mid-sized project you like and we cater the curriculum to your project.  You learn the fundamentals of wood as a medium, the basics of woodworking, the key components of joinery, and you leave with a product your home already needed (or wanted!).

The class is offered on a rolling basis and there are never any more than 4 students per class.  Come check it out!

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