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Soulcraft’s approach to education is not that of a typical woodshop.  Of course, our classes offer the fundamental to advanced skill sets necessary to learn to produce fine furniture – from the novice to the expert.  Yet they are more than that.  At the heart of our mission is to enable design-thinking throughout life, whether that is in the arts/crafts or whether that is within someone’s professional career or in the home.

To that end, our primary woodworking class is a comprehensive “Design/Build” course wherein we work from inspirational ideas to a completed object – with the curriculum catered to the project and skill level of each individual student.

We also offer an array of shorter-term courses throughout the year.  Contact us seasonally or check our blog to see current offerings.

Everyone looking to take a class must first take the Safety Class, usually offered just before the first session of any of our other classes, for your convenience.

Little Hands, Big Projects
Come tinker, come learn and create something special with your kids! This series is designed for kids 7 and older who are accompanied by an adult.
Sawdust Happy Hour
A different kind of happy hour. Give that flannel collection some authenticity! Come in for a fun simple woodworking project to pique your curiosity and have fun with a group of similarly curious folks. We'll make sure to leave some time for eats and libations... Spend Happy Hour at the woodshop, learn some new skills, make some new friends and....MAKE!
Get Curious
For the curious novice, this class series will get your feet wet with fun, manageable step-by-step projects that can be completed in one or two sessions!
Design/Build : Inspiration to Object
This Design/Build course is a combination of "Intro to Woodworking" and "Intro to Furniture Making." Students choose any mid-sized project they wish (think small coffee table or stool). We design a curriculum around the project and the students' skill level. Over the course of the class, we cover basic principles of wood as a medium for creation, design basics, and the fundamentals of woodworking and fine joinery. There is a maximum of 4 students per class to enable one-on-one instruction. Class lasts 6 weeks, 3 hours/week.
Get Serious
For the serious woodworker, this class series will expand your skill set with focused, complex projects that will take your craft to the next level.