Member Work! (cont…)

by Peter D on December 28, 2012

I mentioned in the last post that there were two fellows who were making the shop a virtual second home…

Andrew W. sauntered into the shop with a truckload of some dirty looking outdoor decking.  He had salvaged it from the rooftop deck of a club downtown, intending to make two desks from the beat-up wood, using their wear as a design element…  Just out of curiousity, we planed down the first board, just to get a look-see what was under all that Cleveland shoe-grime.  What we discovered was a beautiful Brazillian hardwood!  That began a serious of projects from his amazing wood “find.”

The desktops turned out fantastic (after a LOT of sanding and trouble-shooting with teak oil!):

The folks at that downtown club never knew the beauty under their tipsy feet! The base of the desk will be made of metal (yes, Andrew is ALSO learning welding with the folks at Rustbelt Welding!) and is, well, still in progress.  I just couldn’t resist posting this awesome desktop (can you tell I’m basking?).

There was plenty of that Brazillian awesomeness left, so Andrew went right on making…  Next was a serious of frames (with welded metal frame-mats!) for his gal:

Note the splined miters (made of maple).  There’s some fine craftsmanship blossoming here…

Finally, here a fantastic mid-centruy modern table Andrew just recently completed.  He found the base (metal) on e-bay, and designed the  top.  It is made of maple and was hand-sculpted to come to that elegant taper.

Eames would be proud!

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